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VOLUME 49 | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
     Braichevskii S. M. , Goloviznin V. V ., Zinov'ev G. M. , Snigirev A. M. , Anomalously small baryon yield as signalling the formation of a quark-gluon plasma 735  (641)
     Kolpachev V. V. , Macroscopic interpretation of neutrino events from SN1987A 738  (644)
     Vidyakin G. S. , Vyrodov V. N. , Gurevich I.I., Kozlov Yu. V., Martem'yanov V. P., Sukhotin S. V., Tarasenkov V. G. , Turbin E. V. , Khakimov S. Kh. , Study of the scattering of fission antineutrinos by electrons with an organofluoric-scintillator detector 740  (646)
     Kosyachkov A. A. , Triletskii V. S., Cherepin V. T. , Chichkan' S. M. , Detection of helium-3 and tritium produced as a result of ion plasma saturation of titanium by deuterium 744  (648)
     Popov S. L. , Smirnov G. V. , Shvyd'ko Y. V., Observed strengthening of radiative mechanism for a nuclear reaction in the interaction of γ radiation with nuclei in a vibrating absorber 747  (651)
     Martynovich E. F. , Self-induced periodic structures in anisotropic crystals 752  (655)
     Aleksandrov K. S. , Vasil'ev A. D. , Zvegintsev S. A. , Krivomazov S. N. , Petrov M. I. , Khrustalev B. P. , Tin-based high-temperature superconductor 756  (658)
     Andreeva O. A. , Keshishev K. O., Osip'yan S. Yu. , Anisotropy of growth coefficient and surface harndess of the 4He crystals 759  (661)
     Valiulin E. G. , Druzhinin A. A., Startsev V. E., Shcherbakov A. S. , New type of mixed state with positive magnetization in high-temperature superconductors 763  (664)
     Berman I. V. , Brandt N. B. , Kurkin Yu. P., Naumova E. A. , Romashkina I. L , Sidorov V. I. , Akimov A. I. , Gapal'skaya V. I., Stribuk E. K., Critical temperatures of Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3Ox at pressures of up to 190 kbar 769  (668)
     Al'tshuler B. L., Spivak B. Z. , Effect of magnetic field on the dynamics of impurities in metallic systems 772  (671)
     Afanas'ev A. S., Gubankov V. N. , Divin Yu. Ya., Shadrin P. M. , Size effects in the conductivity of thin-film bridges of high-temperature superconductors 776  (674)
     Ivlev B. I. , Kopnin N. B., Vortex dynamics in high-Tc superconductors near the upper critical field 780  (678)
     Burin A. L., Maksimov L. A. , Polishchuk I. Ya., Energy localization and propagation in disordered media: low-temperature thermal conductivity of amorphous materials 784  (680)
     Kulik I. O. , Frequency dispersion of the conductivity of metal-oxide superconductors 787  (683)
     Volovik G.E., Nonzero state density in superconductors with a high transition temperature 790  (685)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.