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VOLUME 88 | ISSUE 11 | PAGE 882
Inelastic cotunneling through a long diffusive wire
M. V. Feigel'man, A. S. Ioselevich
L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS, 119334 Moscow, Russia
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 141700 Moscow, Russia

PACS: 73.23.Hk, 73.63.-b
We show that electron transport through a long multichannel wire, connected to leads by tunnel junctions, at low temperatures T and voltages V is dominated by inelastic cotunnelling. This mechanism results in experimentally observed power-law dependence of conductance on T and V, in the diffusive regime where usual Coulomb anomaly theory leads to exponentially low conductance. The power-law exponent α* is proportional to the distance between contacts L.

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