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VOLUME 91 | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 464
Spectrum of Kelvin-wave turbulence in superfluids
V. S. L'vov*, S. Nazarenko^\dag

Department of Chemical Physics, The Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100 Rehovot, Israel
^\dagMathematics Institute, Warwick University, CV4 7AL, Coventry, UK

We derive a type of kinetic equation for Kelvin waves on quantized vortex filaments with random large-scale curvature, that describes step-by-step (local) energy cascade over scales caused by 4-wave interactions. Resulting new energy spectrum E_{\rm LN}(k)\propto k^{-5/3} must replace in future theory (e.g. in finding the quantum turbulence decay rate) the previously used spectrum E_{\rm KS}(k)\propto k^{-7/5}, which was recently shown to be inconsistent due to nonlocality of the 6-wave energy cascade.

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