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VOLUME 108 | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 625
3D uniform manipulation of NV centers in diamond using dielectric resonator antenna
Ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy color centers in diamond hold promise for ultra-precise magnetometery, competing with superconducting quantum interference device detectors. By utilizing the advantages of dielectric materials, such as very low losses for electromagnetic field, with the potential for creating high-quality factor resonators with strong concentration of the field within it, we implemented a dielectric resonator antenna for coherent manipulation of a large ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. We reached average Rabi frequency of 10 MHz in a volume of 7 mm3 with a standard deviation of less than 1 % at a moderate pump power. The obtained result enables use of large volume low nitrogen-vacancy concentration diamond plates in modern nitrogen-vacancy magnetometers thus improving sensitivity via larger coherence time and higher optical detected magnetic resonance contrast.