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VOLUME 111 | ISSUE 8 | PAGE 524
Tuning of electronic and vibrational properties of transition metal selenides TSe2 (T = Os, Ru) and their metallization under high pressure
We present a systematic analysis of electrical properties of two transition metal selenides OsSe2 and RuSe2 under conditions of low temperature down to 1.8 K and external pressure up to 43 GPa. Both compounds have a pyrite-type crystal structure under ambient conditions and, according to Raman spectroscopy, do not undergo phase transitions up to the highest pressures. OsSe2 and RuSe2 undergo semiconductor-to-metal transitions at pressures up to 15 GPa. Further increase in pressure leads to the appearance of a superconducting transition at low temperatures. At 40 GPa, the critical temperatures of the superconducting transition reach maximum values of 5.5 and 6 K for RuSe2 and OsSe2, respectively.