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VOLUME 77 | ISSUE 9 | PAGE 609
Triplet proximity effect in FSF trilayers
Ya. V. Fominov + *, A. A. Golubov * 1), M. Yu. Kupriyanov^{ \square 1)}
+L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS, 117940 Moscow, Russia
*Department of Applied Physics, University of Twente, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
^\squareNuclear Physics Institute, Moscow State University, 119992 Moscow, Russia

PACS: 74.45.+c, 74.62.Yb, 74.78.Fk, 75.70.Cn
We study the critical temperature Tc of FSF trilayers (F is a ferromagnet, S is a singlet superconductor), where the triplet superconducting component is generated at noncollinear magnetizations of the F layers. An exact numerical method is employed to calculate Tc as a function of the trilayer parameters, in particular, mutual orientation of magnetizations. Analytically, we consider limiting cases. Our results determine conditions which are necessary for existence of recently investigated odd triplet superconductivity in SF multilayers.

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