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VOLUME 70 | ISSUE 10 | PAGE 680
Low-temperature magnetic properties of 2D molecular ferrimagnet N(n-C5H11)4[Fe IIFe III(C2O4)3]
PACS: 75.50.Gg, 76.80.+y
s7Fe Mossbauer and magnetometric studies of molecular ferrimagnet N(n-CBHii)4[FenFein(C204)3] are indicative of a 2D magnetic character with strong uniaxial anisotropy in the crystal's basal plane. It is established that the change in the sign of the net magnetization of this compound is related to a compensation between Fem and Fe11 sublattice magnetizations at TCOmp = 31.2 K. The form and parameters of the magnetic Hamiltonian describing the temperature dependence of the Fe111 sublattice and the net magnetizations has been determined.